"D'oh, I missed!" ~ Wario

Wario is a major character in the Mario series, usually in an antagonist role. Unlike Bowser, however, Wario's antagonism is mostly greed-oriented.

Appearance Edit

Wario is shorter and fatter than Mario, basically the reverse of what Waluigi does regarding the differences between Mario and Luigi. His primary outfit consists of a yellow shirt, purple overalls, green elf-like shoes, a yellow cap with an oversize blue W inside a white circle, and white gloves with blue Ws on them. He also has a zigzag mustache.

Notably, despite having it from the WarioWare games, Wario does not use his biker outfit in Mario Kart Wii or Mario Kart 8 likely because he can just as easily ride bikes in his normal attire (unlike Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina, all of whom got biker outfits specifically for those two games while maintaining their usual floor-length dresses (the reason they got the biker outfits in the first place) for karts).

Trivia Edit

  • Wario was the first AI character to win a board in an official TRG LP of a Mario Party game. Although it was minor board Mini Board Mad Dash from Mario Party 4 (the last Mario Party where Wario's shirt had long sleeves), it was still a win for the AI.
    • Mario later takes the first official AI win in a TRG Mario Party LP to open up Mario Party 5 (Wario's first with a short-sleeved shirt)
  • In certain conditions from the first two Mario Party games, Wario says "D'oh, I missed!", most likely due to a translation mishap from Germany (in both games Thomas Spindler, Wario's German voice actor, is the voice of Wario). Emile especially likes this quote.
    • Strangely, of all people, Peach is the one who gets it for Mario Party 4, Charles Martinet having since taken over voicing Wario by this point. Emile, on pointing out the change of user, drops one of his usual bad puns on stating a possibility as to why the change happened in the first place.
    • In both Mini-Game Coaster-based modes Wario is the main player partly as losing the mini-games in such modes is one of the conditions to result in the quote.
  • Wario's primary characteristic is his greed, which sees him land the first go at Faire Square due to the gambling mechanic.
    • He is replaced by Koopa Kid when they return to test out the 'Brutal' AI difficulty partly as Koopa Kid hasn't had his turn yet and partly to complete a reverse of a certain ProtonJon livestream. (Emile was Koopa Kid during The Stream, and had changed to Daisy for the Mario Party 5 LP)