Ninja PTJ
ProtonJon (real name Jonathan Wheeler), the one and only Let's Player, before Chugga came along he was one of the most famous Lper!

Homeland Edit

Of the three members of TheRunawayGuys Jon is the only member not to be American, instead hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This has been referenced in a few TRG LPs, mostly by Emile (and not in a friendly way usually in Jon's eyes).

Catchphrases Edit

  • MOVE FASTER POKEY! (Emile often annoys the heck out of him with this one, with Jon usually firing back with a certain Pikmin of Emile's)
  • slight,mega,MAN!...WHAT THE HELL!?!??
  • ...the fuck,the fuck,the fuck,the fuck,
  • Doh i missed! (usually Emile's line in Mario Party 1 and 2)
  • And thats terrible,
  • rings rings and MORE rings!
  • NO!NO!NOO!
  • 100 SECONDS!?
  • Im not lying,this is my nightmare song.
  • Yoshi?
  • now were thinking with portals! (thankfully not to the same extreme as Achievement Hunter's Gavin Free when playing a Mario/Portal hybrid)
  • SAMUS IS A GIRL WHAT!? (common reaction at the end of the first Metroid game, as clever wording by the developers hid Samus' true gender)
  • I didnt have to do anything!
  • I am a pancake,
  • Hey guys its protonjon!
  • Maybe.

TheRunAwayGuys == TheRunawayGuys, Jon's main collab channel with Emile (Chuggaaconroy) and Tim (NintendoCapriSun), along with multiple guests for some of the games (notables being Josh Jepson, Jon's fiancee Reece (Lucahjin), and MasaeAnela)

Trivia Edit

  • Jon usually streams multiple different games on his Twitch channel. One of these streams became memorable in TRG for a series of Emile comments that ended up changing who Emile switched to for the Mario Party 5 LP (he had to change anyway due to DK's removal from the playable roster), and another included the memorable Mystery of the Ghost Fart.
    • Chugga's Lost Innocence and a lone hour playing what available mini-games were on a save file was Jon's only practice for the Mario Party 6 LP. He goes 6 for 8, taking both bouts at both Faire Square (the CLI board) and E. Gadd's Garage (the latter against a Brutal-AI Peach, who repeats her one-Star last place from Pirate Dream) along the way.