CALLACAB, stylized as being spelled by the buttons on the Nintendo Gamecube Controller, is Jon's Super Duel Machine from Mario Party 5.

Appearance Edit

When Jon originally built CALLACAB, the body was the Spiny Body and the weapon the Bowser Breath; it already had the E. Gadd Jet equipped. Following two unsuccessful attempts at Yoshi in the hard Battle Tournament, Jon had Emile rebuild CALLACAB as an all-E. Gadd machine.

History Edit

In the first form, Jon was unable to beat either Emile's Latrain or Tim's machine in battle; his only win over either of them was the flag battle and only because of fortunate spawns. Robo-Rabbits kept evading Jon due to the close-up nature of his weapon, whereas Latrain's heat-seeking missiles could easily gun them down; he was lucky enough to have hit one..

Despite the troubles, Jon was able to win the normal Battle Tournament, taking down Toad in the final. The hard Battle Tournament was much different, as he failed to beat AI Yoshi twice consecutively. After a Benny Hill Chase ended in a draw by time limit (Jon hoping for a win as he had slightly more health left), the second attempt was won by Yoshi due to using oil on the terrain to spin around faster.

Following Emile redesigning it (with Jon dubbing the new design CALLACAB 2.0), Emile would score the victory Jon had unsuccessfully tried to achieve. Jon himself would then pull off a victory of his own, beating DK en route, then beating Latrain in a Jon vs Emile match. Emile would climb into CALLACAB one last time to face Tim, but instead of Daisy Emile went back to his original character DK (only playable in Mario Party 5 in Super Duel Mode, DK's only post-MP4 playable appearance until Mario Party 10) and used the heat-seeking missiles to outright decimate Tim without taking a single hit, the guys remarking that CALLACAB would be the final boss in a newer Mario game.

Trivia Edit

  • CALLACAB is the only machine of the original three to be remade. It has also seen the most Mario Party characters piloting it, with 3 (creator Jon's Waluigi, Emile's MP5 main character Daisy, and Super Duel exclusive 'Past Emile' DK)
  • Jon named the machine after his favorite cheat code from Vectorman